The Annual Philippine Biodiversity Symposium

Abstract & Proposal Submission Form

Fill out the Abstract Form or Workshop Proposal Form template and submit this using the 2017 Online Abstract Submission Form below. If you are having difficulties submitting through the site, please email us at with the appropriate subject heading (e.g. Regular Poster Abstract_Surname).

Abstracts and workshop descriptions should not exceed 250 words; abstracts with more than the allowed number of words will not be accepted.  We will not accept submissions or revisions made after the deadlines for whatever reasons, unless these are specifically asked by the organizing committee or the reviewers.

Thematic Areas for Oral and Poster Presentations
1.) Taxonomy and Systematics (e.g., identifying morphological or behavioural characters, molecular and evolutionary biology studies)
2.) Biogeography and Distribution (e.g., biogeography and distribution studies, GIS mapping, distribution modelling)
3.) Wildlife Biology and Ecology (e.g., behavior, diet, population studies, community interactions, ecosystems)
4.) Floristics and Faunistics (e.g., species assessments, inventories)
5.) Biodiversity and Conservation Threats and Issues (e.g., climate change, invasive alien species**, hunting, illegal wildlife trade, habitat loss)
6.) Biodiversity Conservation, Management and Governance (e.g., protected area management, education, policy, capacity building, indigenous knowledge, and best practices)

Deadlines for Submission 

Mini-Symposia and Workshop proposals 30 April 2017 (Sunday)
Abstracts for contributed regular oral or poster presentations (including those by graduate students) 30 April 2017 (Sunday)
Abstracts for contributed oral or poster presentations by high school & undergraduate students 30 April 2017 (Sunday)
Deadline for institutional profiles for biodiversity institutional fair To be announced
Application for Student Travel Award To be announced
Full manuscripts To be announced

Abstracts submitted after the deadline will be subject to availability of slots.

We are no longer accepting abstract submissions. Thank you to everyone who sent in their abstracts. We look forward to seeing you all at the 26th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium!